Saturday, January 27, 2007


Timothy Buckwalter (San Francisco) - This is a painting, acrylic on canvas. He documents his process if you read through this link. More paintings are here.

Dennis Hayes (Detroit) - He is mostly a painter, and these are scanned in sketches, with color added on the computer... so I guess these would be digital prints if he ever printed them out.

"these are hand sketches scanned in and colored up real qwik. i try to get the color in under a minute 30. kinda like warm ups for figure drawing or something. as for the sketch never more then 5 minutes if even that."

Kelly Towles (DC) - I'm not able to capture a good single image of work from his recent show at Adamson Gallery, I can only find this spread. Go to the gallery website or JT's blog for better looks.

These are digital drawings over photographs, he prints out two editions (not sure of the number) of each print, in two different sizes.

He must be raking it in? I mean, if each image is done in two editions of 10 at $100 each (i'm being conservative here), that would be two thousand bucks if they all sold. Smart. I am happy to *sometimes* get $500 or so for a small painting, never to be seen again....

I am into all this work.