Friday, January 19, 2007

Paul DiPasquale Alert!

Paul DiPasquale is showing fifty ears carved from artifact bricks, and other clay things, at Cross Mackenzie Ceramic Arts (in DC)... the opening is TOMORROW, Friday January 19th, 6-8pm.

Jerry Saltz at Art Basel (Stuffy's)
Here is Jerry admiring some of the ears that were included in Art Basel: Stuffy's.

PLUS! The documentary about Paul's Neptune statue, Neptune: Making of the Myth, is airing on PBS TV 23 (in Richmond) on Thursday January 25th, at 9PM. It won Best Educational Film in the Documentary Awards category of the 2006 NY Film Festival.

"Neptune: Making the Myth documents the creation of a breath-taking 34-foot bronze statue of this mythical character which now adorns the shoreline of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The effort begins with an “idea” which is then lifted and shouldered by a tenacious group of citizen/volunteers from the Neptune Festival, who carry out the vision from initial fundraising to a climactic public unveiling under the stars the very next year. The journey takes the viewer half way around the globe and back with amazing footage of an artist’s rustic foundry in China and a myriad of logistical challenges that must be overcome to bring the dream to reality. Against all odds, the devoted Richmond artist, Paul DiPasquali and other participants find ways to overcome each obstacle that blocks their path. Graphic animations are used to visualize the ancient Chinese lost wax process used to cast the bronze statue. Though this painstaking process itself is enough to carry a documentary, there is engaging subtext on ecology, leadership, cross-cultural communication and a host of other fascinating topics. Woven throughout the program are the candid perspectives of those involved as we follow their impossibly short timeline to its triumphant conclusion."

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