Friday, January 12, 2007

geshi's dictionary

Geshi's English-Japanese dictionary. He was one of my students at the Hell Camp... every single page of his dictionary was filled with highlighting. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. His dictionary glowed. I asked him for it and of course he said no... but he later sent me some scans. The above image is only a scan of a scan, here is another page.

I'm posting it now because I was reminded of it looking at the also beautiful Harrel Fletcher-enabled Bible of Veda Epling, in the current issue of Art Papers.
veda epling
CliCK HeRe to see it bigger and read the review.

I very much like Art Papers... not too many ads, with good articles on good art from all over. This issue also includes Richard Roth's review of David Reed and Katy Siegel's High Times, Hard Times.

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jigoku no kunren!!!
my lighter from hell camp

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