Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you can get your boards back

Street Board Makers, you may have noticed a bunch of your boards have come down, but DON'T DESPAIR.

I have it on good authority that - "Britt Drews, the spokesperson for the Department of Public Works, says they’re keeping the signs they’ve taken down in case those who did the artwork want them back. No fine, no arrest." I think there will be a feature on local TV about the street boards soon, on the CBS channel.

Thanks, Street Board Makers, for making such nice things and getting people talking about art.


Anonymous said...

That's awfully nice of them. So apparently these aren't labeled as graffiti nor as defacing city property. How did you hear that they would be returned with no retribution?

martin said...

yes, it is nice, although i can't imagine it is something they will be willing to do indefinitely.

i heard from mark holmberg.

arnheim Lieber said...

here in NYC there is little tolerance for "street artists" as they are known
as graffiti artists and are considered vandals who partake in vandalism.

Jerry Saltz says said...

"When we learn that a newish painting by the second-rate latter-day Neo-Expressionist Marlene Dumas sold for over $3 million, does it alter how we think of her work? Does it alter the ways magazine editors or curators think about it? The curator of Dumas’s upcoming MoMA exhibition, the otherwise excellent Connie Butler, recently responded to one of my public hissy fits about the overestimation of this artist by saying, "Dumas has been making portraits of terrorists," as if to suggest that certain subject matter exempts art from criticism. In fact, this subject matter is not only predictable and generic, and in that sense utterly conservative, it’s perfect fodder for a culture in disconnect."

nate said...

Now that's curious: criticism about an art that's too conservative. Haven't various blogs and outlets been almost screaming about the lack of right-wing art in the marketplace? Am I to presume that, especially since it flies in the face of Jerry's status quo, that this quasi-conservatism is cutting edge? Dare we speculate about that?

Bless Mark Holmberg, hope we're all able to read more from him soon in whatever new post he finds.

one of jerry's kids said...

I'm not sure that was his point about whether it was too conservative or not. You misread it being that it was right wing in your mind is wrong, he didn't say anything about the political leanings of it. You have to keep the conservative word linked to the predictable and generic part. Wanna make a splash and exempt yourself from viewers seeing the work as possibly bad, during the war on terror portray terrorists. Its like if Kehinde Wiley or Currin regalized Saddam in a painting and showed it in Chelsea.
Read the whole article at

ps. what status quo does Jerry have that you mention here? Or email him, he'll write back to answer your question here.

nate said...


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