Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pissed-Off Douche L., Ry Rocklen, John Waters... plus

Ry Rocklen, Folding Chair (2), 2008, cardboard, metal, glue, epoxy putty, at Black Dragon Society.

Ry Rocklen, Wickervision, mixed media, 2006, at Baronian_Francey. They were really nice and had some good stuff, including Steve Canaday.

John Waters
John Waters, six altered snapshots, wrote down the title and info but can't find it. Click on the photo to see it bigger.

Christoph Buchel, Mickey Mouse, 2007, animated speaking Mickey Mouse puppet, i-pod, edition 1 0f 5 + 2 AP, at Hauser and Wirth.

Swiss(?) children reading the transcript from the motion hearing... different children reading each role... recorded on i-pod stuffed in talking Mickey Mouse. I made a video of it.

ALSO LIKED: i think i have two more armory posts, but can't get to all the stuff i saw and liked, so here is a partial listing with links to some photos -

Ellen Birkenblitt (no photo)
Varda Caivano - two nice paintings, one so Redon-ish, at Victoria Miro.
Steve Canaday, at Baronian-Francey
Charlie Hammond, at Sorcha Dallas - they had a booth full of his stuff, but my photos are not so good. i really liked his show in the back room at Anton Kern last year as well.
Fawn Krieger, at Art in General - i'm a fan of fawn and faan.
Alessandro Pessoli - he had good work in two different booths.
Shirley Tse, at Murray Guy. Don't know the title or date.

with Richard Prince!!!


Anonymous said...

Am I missing the "Pissed-Off Douche L." or is it hidden behind a link somewhere? You seem to like everything you posted. John Waters' early films are brilliant! I am not so sure about his recent visual art stuff though.

Martin said...

christoph buchel = pissed-off douche L.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Buchel's incorporation of his complaints about institutions that he feels did him wrong is getting tired at this point?

Martin said...

not to me. i though that mouse was one of the most interesting things in the armory. i don't think most people even noticed it... you had to lean in to hear what it was saying... and you had to know all of the background to have any understanding at all of what it was all about.

i was at the motion hearing, so i heard the judge say those words the first time around.

don't get me wrong.. i think buchel is the one most responsible for the mass moca fuck-up, and have no sympathy for him at all.. but he has been good at getting his shit together for the fair$, and it's been good shit, full of bitterness.

i admire artists that don't hold back.

Anonymous said...

Yes. We need more bitterness and hard to swallow truths don't we? Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

In your video footage of the Buchel piece the Mickey Mouse stuffed toy appears to be six feet tall. More video artists should play with scale. Few of them do. I would love to see a video artist figure out a way, without using any special effects or eerie sound tracks, to transform the real world into something scary and barely recognizable.

Anonymous said...

I meant the first Mickey Mouse/Buchel clip you posted; the close up shot.

Mulligan said...

martin, don't you mean "with john waters?"

Martin said...

ryan, you used to have a sharper sense of humor.