Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Allan D'Arcangelo

White Highway, 1964

Allan D'Arcangelo, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, through May 2nd.

UPDATE 5/1/09: "The paintings don’t deliver pictorial satisfaction" - Roberta Smith, NYTimes.

They do for me.

Allan D'Arcangelo
Untitled, 1967

Proposition #20, 1966

Allan D'Arcangelo
Mr. and Mrs. Moby Dick, 1974

Can Our National Bird Survive?, 1962

Allan D'Arcangelo at Empire State Plaza (Albany NY), on anaba 5/14/2007.
Allan D'Arcangelo at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (RVA!), on anaba 11/1/06.

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