Monday, April 06, 2009

Brenda Goodman

Brenda Goodman - NEW PAINTINGS!!!

This is the smallest of those pictured above... click on it to see it much better, lots of great textures and tiny specks of color.

Like an open book... a music book... notes playing on a court.

Pookie has blue eyes.

Brenda Goodman
Pookie plops down.

Love these paintings. Grateful to John Davis for giving us concurrent shows last year and introducing us... John knew I was a fan.

Brenda Goodman in the studio.

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Nomi Lubin said...

Nice. And that studio picure is lovely.

Matt said...

great stuff. thanks for this post.

Martin said...

nomi, did you met brenda at the opening?

Nomi Lubin said...

This is awful, but I can't remember. She was a visiting artist at my school, so I saw her there several times. But I'm not sure if we've ever actually spoken.

Carla said...

These paintings are great. I had a cat named Pookie.

Carla said...

Um...Brenda's dog's name is listed as Pookie, I'm not the "My cat's name is Fluffy" kid from the Simpsons.