Friday, April 24, 2009

far out plus

upcoming must-attend art events.... these are important -

Apartment Show - Far Out, April 26 7-10pm, 245 Varet Sreet (in Bushwick), Third Floor. Featuring Nolan Simon, Elizabeth Deasy, Christina Leung, Patrick Brennan, Alicia Gibson. ONE NIGHT ONLY!

See photos from Apartment Show XOXO.

HKJB - Personal Abstraction, May 1st 6pm-?, 253 36th St #406 (b/t 2nd & 3rd Avenue), Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Featuring Judith Braun, Chong Chu, Michael Dopp, Jay Henderson, Elizabeth Hirsch, Shawn Kuruneru, Benjamin King, Osamu Kobayashi, Denise Kupfershmidt, Jim Lee, Chris Martin, Craig Olson, Stephen Westfall, Wendy White. ONE WEEKEND ONLY! (i think.. not certain how long it is up... i think only for the weekend).

Daily Operation - Central & Remote, May 9th 6-9pm, 45 23rd St, 4F Room 11, LIC. Curated by Jon Lutz and including Inna Babaeva, Tim Clifford, Jesse Farber, Rachel Hayes, Mike Hein, Jasmine Justice, Donna Levinstone, Liz-N-Val, Carrie Pollack, Lance Rutledge. ONE NIGHT ONLY!


106 Green - new artist-run project space... first show opens mid-May, curated by Mitchell Wright and Ridley Howard... more info soon.

Panel Discussion with Beth Venn, Peter Nesbett (Triple Candie), Shelly Bancroft (Triple Candie), Matthew Deleget (Minus Space), James Kalm (Kalm Report) ... moderated by Gae Savannah... at Rupert Ravens Contemporary, SATURDAY APRIL 25 1pm.

Yarn Theory at PS122, curated by Martha Lewis, opens April 25th, 5-7pm. Martha had those great pieces at Geoffrey Young last summer.
Yarn Theory
i sneak peeked a guerilla knitter.

Hans Heiner Buhr in Georgia Today (Georgia the COUNTRY!)
Daniel Heidkamp in Boston Globe.

Amanda Browder's Cyclone at 303 Grand, with an opening reception May 1st.


Nomi Lubin said...

Oh, Larry Summers did not say that "that women are not as good at math and science as men are."

m said...

Thanks for coming by- I hope you get to see the exhibit in full swing- am very pleased with it.
and yes, Nomi Lubin, he did.
check the boston globe article there is a direct quote.