Saturday, April 11, 2009


- Richard Prince and Gagosian respond to the copyright lawsuit by Patrick Cariou. Cariou is the photographer who spent ten+ years taking all the photos that Prince appropriated for his last show.

Eric Doeringer comments that the Gagosian/Prince response "is ironic, as Gagosian's lawyers came after me for reproducing elements of John Currin's paintings in my artwork, where they were also used, 'to create a new and unique work which comments upon certain aspects of culture'."

Kind of like when Louis Vuitton - having recently collaborated with Richard Prince - sued artist Nadia Plessner, writing "as an artist yourself, we hope that you recognize the need to respect other artists' rights and Louis Vuitton's Intellectual Property rights...". That was rich.

I would like to see side-by-side copies of Cariou's letter to Gagosian with Gagosian's letter to Doeringer, for laughs.

- Stephen Haller remembers Morandi, for Joanne Mattera... READ IT!

- New Museum show reviews are saying some nice things about Kerstin Bratsch and Jakub Julian Ziolkowski....

Ziolowski on anaba 6/2007: Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, in Three for Society, at 303 Gallery, through July 27th - something creepy, like a leather mask or something...both his paintings are cartoony but creepy like that. I like the way he lets these tiny controlled drips happen, and then works them into the composition... for example, in the piece above you can maybe see that little drip of blue in the shoulder, and in this piece you can see the oily ass-crack sweat. There is so much tension in that drip of blue in the shoulder.

... and I saw another good one at 2008's Armory Show, with Hauser and Wirth.

Kerstin Bratsch on anaba 11/2005: There was a very 2D, washy, black-and-white warped canvas Russian folk-art lady painting below another black-and-white, smaller and more abstract. Good small one of a more thickly painted grey horse split down the middle by the ground, like it was impaled or perhaps a carousel horse. A good sailboat painting. All interesting.

- Global Warming Your Cold Heart has a great list of young artists circa 1968.
- which reminds me that I have an interesting artist/age list also (scroll down).

- Can't remember where I recently saw a nice feature on Beth Rudin DeWoody's home and collection... was it in a home design magazine? an art magazine? on the internet? Someone remind me please, I want to go back to it. It was something from this year.

- What is Bob Nickas' contact info? I need to get in touch but don't know how.


zipthwung said...

WHat's the word for when you adopt a position when it suits you, but ignore it when it doesn't suit you? It's on the tip of my toungue - not hipocritical exactly - more nuanced, like a good thai curry ass sweat.

But I;m wondering if these sorts of cases aren;t more show trials/publicity stunts/conceptual gambits/positioning for future engagements (I know copyright holders have to defend their title or face neglect charges (in essence)).

For example, if your work is legally conceptual and unique, then it says a lot about its objectness/market value within the cannon of ART.

But if the judge is the one determining the intellectual merrit, then that's kind of like looking at the cooked books of a hedge fund manager. What am I looking for? A column that reads 2+3=4?

I hope they call Eric Doeringer to the stand Perry Mason Style, I really do.

Nomi Lubin said...

"I hope they call Eric Doeringer to the stand Perry Mason Style, I really do."