Friday, April 10, 2009

Out With Marty

Matthew Fisher! celebrating the opening of his SOLO SHOW at RARE... it's in the back gallery space.

***Art-Stars celebrate Matthew Fisher's opening at RARE Gallery***

- Matthew Fisher as seen on anaba 2/17/2006.
- Matthew Fisher co-curated The Longest Day.
- Matthew Fisher curated The Object Direct.
- Matthew Fisher writes about art for MTY.

Beth Gilfilen! as seen on Heart as Arena!

Ridley Howard! - "The Alchemist" - LAST DAY to see Ridley Howard's show at Leo Koenig is TOMORROW Saturday April 11th.

That is Saira McLaren on the left... she was included in the Heskin Contemporary show.

Jaime Gecker - as seen on The Old Gold! as seen on anaba!

Daniel Heidkamp! - Daniel has a show up in Boston RIGHT NOW, at LaMontagne Gallery... one of the L's in the old LFL.

Matthew Fisher and Daniel Heidkamp
Matt with Dan.


Denise Kupferschmidt, at CRG for Colby Bird! - Denise is the artist responsible for the Apartment Show(s)!!!

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kelli said...

I'm loving on this show and I don't have much love to give.