Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Artist's Space Slide Registry

A while back I wrote about different ways artists can get their stuff on-line, one of which is the Artist's Space slide registry. Here's what I said about Artist's Space -

"Artist's Space - the Artist's Space slide registry has no limit to the number of slides an artist can submit, and every artist who submits to the registry can have two works included in the on-line registry. As far as I can tell, this registry is not juried. You submit, you're in."

Mike Martin told me he submitted some images and his work is now included on the on-line registry. I went to check and while there did a Virginia search to look for familiar local names... I found some! Don't know if these people sent in before or after my November post - maybe more will submit after seeing this.

Kristin Beal - I recently mentioned Kristin here
Sally Bowring
Suzanna Fields
Carolyn Henne - I wrote about Carolyn's show here
Ron Johnson - I've talked about Ron's work here
Timothy Michael Martin

I still haven't done it!!!