Wednesday, April 06, 2005

NICE house

Claes Oldenburg and his wife, Coosje van Bruggen, open the doors to their Loire Valley château in the current issue of Architectural Digest. Wow. Nice house!!!!

I didn't realize how much of a collaboration their art is - it sounds like they do it all together. Made me think of the Christos. I love the clothespin in Philadelphia. It's a kiss - like the Philadelphia Art Museum's Brancusi. They also have the LOVE sculpture nearby.

Somebody buy some Social Sculpture so I can get a chateau!


Megan McMillan said...

Yeah, Claus and Coosje... no surprise they have a cool house. I'll have to check it out and drool with envy.

There are a lot of husband/wife art teams out there... Bill Viola's wife Kira Perov is his collaborator and manager, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, the Christos, Gilbert and George, and others : )

Joseph barbaccia said...


The City of Brotherly Love!

Martin said...

I wasn't clear enough in the post above.

When I say "they also have the LOVE sculpture" the "they" I mean is Philadelphians. Sorry if anyone thought I meant it is an Oldenburg and thanks to the reader who wrote in privately to correct me.

The LOVE sculpture is by Robert Indiana. That park in the photo with the fountain is known as LOVE Park and a favorite place for Philadelphia skateboarders (at least it used to be).

By the way, I was very surprised to come across another LOVE sculpture in Tokyo - I think it was near Shinjuku. Different colors if I recall. Maybe there are more?

Now I'm also remembering how surprised I was to see Rodin's Thinker and Gates of Hell at a museum in Tokyo's Ueno Park after only knowing them from Philadelphia's Rodin Museum.

I wonder how many LOVES and Thinkers are out there?

Anonymous said...

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