Thursday, April 14, 2005

thanks, Style Weekly!

Paulette Roberts-Pullen has reviewed the five artists currently showing at ADA Gallery and 1708 Gallery - one of whom is me!

Here's an excerpt -

"At ADA there is no lack of vitality in highly saturated paintings by Richmonder Martin Bromirski, obsessively carved wood sculpture of New Yorker Michael Ferris Jr. and delicately crafted egg tempura paintings by Susan Jamison of Roanoke. As if on the same boat as Wilson, these three favor intuition over science, and here it takes form as spiritual responses to humanity and nature.

While Bromirski and Ferris both prove their passion for media and subject matter, it is Jamison’s exotically embellished nude females interacting with hummingbirds, snakes and frogs that jolt ADA with a fresh take on ideal beauty. Eastern in feel, Jamison’s tranquil figures balance their inner selves (as represented by the forest of veins and arteries seen through translucent skin) with the outer world in simple, stylized poses set against pure white backgrounds. The artist’s approach to her painting appears as focused and harmonic as the poses she represents. As 1708 contrasts Wilson with Clark, ADA nicely sets Jamison’s restraint against Bromirski’s and Ferris’s exuberant use of materials."

Do you have anything to add, agree with, disagree with, recommend? About any show in town? Comment! I'm getting a fair amount of e-mails from local people who read this but seem hesitant to comment on the blog itself. I also sometimes hear from out-of-towners who want to know more about what is going on locally than I deliver. Remember, you can comment anonymously or make up some nick-name for yourself. It would be better for all of us to create more dialogue.

I caught today's Katharina Grosse lecture (it was great) but missed the 1:00pm performance pieces of Ryan Mulligan's class. I hear they were really good and I'm sorry I missed out. Who was there? Share!

Paintings by Andy Moon Wilson and Sara Clark at 1708 Gallery, 319 W. Broad St., and “Reconfigure,” work by Susan Jamison, Martin Bromirski and Michael Ferris Jr., at ADA Gallery, 228 W. Broad St., all run through April 30.


Toothy said...

Congratulations Martin! That is great. I don't live in Richmond and have nothing to share but I wish people would comment more. Don't be shy! Be toothy!!!

Jason C. said...

Martin, I got a chance to check out your show yesterday finally... I pretty much thought that your stuff was the best. Really like, and see a lot of potential for, the colored sand approach. The textural quality of your work is missed unless you see it in person. The smaller pieces were my favorite though I wish they were a lot bigger. Not sure if you even need the figures anymore. Your work is all landscape (am I right?)...Be interesting to see you play around with other ways to define a foreground than the figure.

donnygeorge said...

yeah, i just saw the show. the paintings are tight. i especially liked the small ones.

n8shac said...
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Cynthia said...

FYI, sent off a bundle of stuff to the Record Bin show. Said I heard about it from you here and that I like your stuff. Hope you don't mind. It was an assorted bundle of drawings and prints, some of which have been up on the blog. SO, gulp. An act of faith sending the *actual things* off, not just slides. Will let you know if I hear anything from them.

Anonymous said...

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