Monday, April 04, 2005


These pissed off poets mean business!

related: The New York Academy in Rome, Anonymous Was A New York Woman, The New York Book Award. Not anti-NY or anti-the-artists, just anti-the-cronyistic-system.


Anonymous said...

good point. we are in agreement.

James W. Bailey said...

Damn, man, we artists should take our cue from these poets!

For example:

What can we do to make sure the next Whitney Biennial is on the up and up? How about demanding that the curators be subjected to sodium pentothal after announcing their selections, wire them up to a polygraph on live cable television and grill the hell out of them about their choices.

If we discover that they’re CIA vetted and test-wise (most cultural beaucrats are in fact), then we can deploy the old standby - Hammer bamboo splints under their finger nails.

It’s crude, but losing a fingernail hurts so bad that the Devil himself would confess to all his good thoughts, intentions and actions.


James W. Bailey

Anonymous said...

This blog sure is getting you a lot of cronies... I hope none of them will ever have to judge your work.

Isn't part of the allure of creating an artist-blog to form a mass sycophantic relationship?

dinner roll said...

Alan Cordle ran his little black hole satrapy with a small coterie of bitchy blowhards who acted like their site was their own little GDR. It was all about Alan Cordle being a commissar. Now that he's exposed he runs to every site he can to blather about *discussion* and *peace.*
see http://thejimside.blog-city.com/

Anonymous said...

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