Tuesday, April 26, 2005

probably Tom Sanford

Jerry Saltz is probably talking about Tom Sanford in the following excerpt from his criticism of the Artforum Diary -

"Not long ago, in a group crit at Hunter, I was blathering to a student about how his work was skillful but kitschy. Throughout, he maintained a benevolent grin. The next day I learned that he had just signed with Leo Koenig and that Larry Gagosian wanted to buy a batch of his paintings."

Sanford lists two 2005 solos on his website - 31 Grand and someplace abroad - but on his Leo Koenig bio page that 31 Grand solo has been replaced by a Leo Koenig solo. Is that 31 Grand slot still available? I have some meatballs I could put up.

I talked a little about Sanford, Kehinde Wiley, and getting attacked by chinpira here. I think I'm starting to like Sanford's work a little bit, but I still only like the Wiley's because some of them make me think of Van Gogh's postman and doctor. Yes, I saw that Wiley is on the cover of the current issue of Art in America.

FYI - Sanford sleuthing completed courtesy artist Nicole Eiseman's A Blog Called Nowhere.

UPDATE: Tom Moody has a related post.