Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Matthew Ritchie - the Fabric Workshop - Judith Baumann - Dogshows

Philadelphia artbloggers Fallon & Rosof have some great photos of and thoughts on Matthew Ritchie's new installation at the Fabric Workshop.

For a behind the scenes look at the project's creation check out these photos from Richmond Artblogopolis Citizen Judith Baumann's website. She got a personal tour from artist Virgil Marti (he works at the Fabric Workshop). The related photos are numbers seven through fourteen, I'll start you with number seven. Click the little hand on the bottom right to see the next photo.

While you're on Judith's site take a look at her Dogshows project. These do it all for me. I think of everything from Van Eyck to Murder She Wrote. Each little circle is like a clue amplifying previously unnoticed relationships. Is that Princess Di in the sunglasses and plaid, carrying a mysterious letter? What does it mean?? All the clues are there!! HIGH TENSION!!

because I am a name-dropping artist groupie #1- I had coffee once with Matthew Ritchie in Tokyo!!!

because I am a name-dropping artist groupie #2 - I was in a show with Virgil Marti in 1993!! Sarah McEneaney and Shelley Spector were also in that show!! It was called "All In All I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia" at Philadelphia's City Hall.

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