Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i'm not in the Whitney Biennial again

The list is out.

The show is touted in today's NYTimes as being international, because they have included so many European artists, but it isn't really. No Asians, for example (except for Rirkrit). The two curators are both Europeans, so... SURPRISE!

Alas, poor Whitney Museum of American Art mission statement. Where are you? The NYTimes piece states that "the curators have scoured artists' studios in art capitals like Milan, London, Paris and Berlin". Of course they have, if you were a curator would you rather travel on the museum's dime to Paris and Milan or Richmond and Indianapolis?

Very happy that Philadelphian Zoe Strauss, an artist often championed on Roberta and Libby's blog, is included. The news came to Zoe as a complete surprise - did the two curators visit any studios in Philadelphia? I'm curious. Why not select Roberta and Libby too? Seriously, they are excellent artists making a huge impact.

No artblogs are included, although I think there are some that should be. This is art. Even this is might be considered art, whatever his intentions or motivations, he is most certainly creating Social Sculpture. No artblogs included (as far as I am aware) is NOT surprising, but it is a shortcoming. Come on, curators, catch up!

Zoe Strauss' very very happy, funny, and excited blog entry announcing her inclusion in the Whitney Biennial. Also includes the full list of participating artists.

OC Artblog on Zoe Strauss with funny comment by Zoe Strauss.


ZS said...

Thanks so much for the thoughful shoutout. And not to worry about not being in this year...2008 is closer than you think.

Anonymous said...

"...here in the land
of misfit toys..."

Oh well,
there's always next Christmas!

fairy butler said...

i am not in the biennial again either martin. the fact that NEITHER of us are in proves that malevolent forces are certainly at work.

roberta said...

you are very sweet to mention us, Martin. And you're right, blogs and bloggers should be included. But when has a museum ever led the way?

Martin said...

I got on a bus last night in Saratoga Springs NY and am right now at a library in Fayetteville(?) NC. I will be representing myself in Miami.

This is a long bus ride.

Anonymous said...

Mr. B, when you get a chance, please fill me (us) in on what it takes to represent yourself at an art fair. thanks - B

Anonymous said...

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