Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hali Emminger

It is Student Show Season! The Anderson Gallery is FULL of a juried selection of undergraduate work, and next will host two consecutive thesis shows (the work of the graduating MFA's). I think the first year grad students also have candidacy shows going up somewhere.

Hali Emminger has some of my favorite work in the show. She's the same artist that did the Goat Boy I flipped for last year, so I was very happy to see more good stuff from her. Also very much enjoyed the work of Jeremy Carpel and Ella Watson. Not sure if I will make another anaba post on this show, but you can see their work and some of the other student's stuff on this flickr set of the vcu student shows. I'll add more photos to the set after the other shows open.

Goat Boy - This is the Goat Boy I talked about last year!!! He isn't in the show, just thought I would show him to you now that I know how to post photos.

Hali Emminger
Scorched Ball - The open interior is cardboard, but the outside is different from every side. All of those little round shingles are like bread or something, underneath are plastic bags. The white top is a blanket, and there are feathers on the other side. It is kind of like an ostrich or an emu on it's skinny legs, or maybe a comet with a limp puttered-out tail.

Hali Emminger

Hali Emminger
Mirror Cushion. The mirror part is a soft bulging cushion. Something from fairy-tale world, the tiniest bit sinister. A void.


Dennis Matthews said...

i'm not one to just say someone has bad taste and keep it that simple, so i don't want to say you have bad taste. I want to say that entire show is full of it as has been every year so no offense ms. heidi i understand your choices i just don't agree except a few of them like liz talbot and kaylee two fantastic painters who you don't make a mention of. hali can be pretty great, so can ella, the video can shove it how overdone is that idea its the precept of every bad movie made in the last fifty years and longer, longing, a window, a rooftop, a girl blah blah blah. artsy cuz it was made by an art student, art no artlike yeah. fuck that. wanna see a good show? go to Plant Zero right now, the opening is on Tuesday the 14th at 6 to 8.

martin said...

dennis - yikes, you can be scary.