Friday, April 21, 2006

Stefan Abrams

Saw this show of photographs in Philadelphia last month, but haven't posted on it for so long because I forgot the photographer's name - his name is Stefan Abrams!

We took a walk over to the Fabric Workshop/Vox Populi /Asian Arts Initative building after visiting the PAFA galleries. Vox had, I think, three different shows up - but this was my favorite. All of the photos are of people sitting in cars and just... intently thinking. What are they thinking about? So serious. Then you realize that it is all the same car and start to understand the reflected lights and realize that these photos were taken at an auto show or inside a car dealership. The exhibition was called Auto Show; I'm glad that I don't usually read anything about a show before first looking, it's better to get it yourself.

Stefan Abrams
These are my cell-phone pictures of the artist's pictures, go to this vox pop page and hit his images to see them better. Much blacker, sharper, and more starry.

Stefan Abrams
They are in a very public place, sitting inside a glass-enclosed something everybody is staring at, but most look so contemplative.

Stefan Abrams
Maybe he is even thinking about something else, something other than the car. Something he's hoping for, or regrets.

Stefan Abrams
Curve of wheel, curve of brim, curve of fur-lined hood. Black, brown, and gold. Glass, fur, cloth, plastic, sparkly ring. Diagonals of brim, telephone antenna, and finger.

Stefan Abrams
She is remembering something. The car at the auto-show is a magic thinking machine. If I were an alien observing a car show, that's what I would conclude.

Stefan Abrams
Lost in thought.


w.l. said...

wow, these look great.

andrea said...

You've got some great links here and I love the captions to these cell phone photos!

Anonymous said...

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