Wednesday, April 26, 2006

2006 Guggenheimers

Somebody I knew from back in the day has won a Guggenheim for poetry - Daisy Fried! Wow! I knew she had some books and was doing well, and that she had won a Pew a number of years ago, but.. wow! She was friends with my roommates, The Knife And Fork Band, and then started working at the bookstore. She was really great, so I am happy for her.

Now I've googled The Knife And Fork Band and they are still together! We had a big two-story four-bedroom apartment, with an open space on the second floor where they would practice. My room was just off this and I would paint my Humbertos while they were practicing, so much creative energy. They are/were sort of folksy, so when they weren't practicing I'd crank Nirvana. It was 1991.

Compelled to google all the art Guggenheimers, here they are -

Olive Ayhens, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Painting
Markus Baenziger, Artist,
Hilary Brace, Artist, Santa Barbara, California: Drawing
Marco Breuer, Photographer, Hudson, New York
Peter Fend, Artist, Berlin, Germany: Visual art
Judy Fox, Artist, New York City: Sculpture
Dana Frankfort, Artist, Long Island City, New York: Painting
Daisy Fried, Poet, Northampton, Massachusetts; Grace Hazard Conkling Writer-in-Residence, Smith College: Poetry.
Maria Elena González, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Sculpture and installation art.
Katie Grinnan, Artist,Los Angeles; Lecturer, University of California, Irvine: Sculpture.
Cynthia Lin, Artist, New York City; Guest Faculty in Visual Arts, Sarah Lawrence College: Drawing and painting
Wilbur Niewald, Artist, Mission, Kansas; Professor of Painting Emeritus, Kansas City Art Institute, Missouri: Painting.
Roxy Paine, Artist, Brooklyn, New York: Sculpture.
George Quasha, Video Artist, Barrytown, New York: Video
Paul Sattler, Artist, Greenfield Center, New York; Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Skidmore College: Painting
Carl Sander Socolow, Photographer, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania: Photography
Jeff Talman, Sound Artist, Brooklyn, New York; Assistant Professor of Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College: Sound Art
Anthony Tasset, Artist, Oak Park, Illinois; Professor, School of Art and Design, College of Architecture and the Arts, University of Illinois, Chicago: Sculpture.
Jackie Tileston, Artist, Philadelphia; Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania: Painting.
Hilary Wilder, Artist, Houston; Instructor, Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Painting and installation art

I am only familiar with four of these artists. There are so many artists!!!


Anonymous said...

FYI,Katie Grinnan is from here. She graduated from Freeman High School in 88 and then split. Her sculptures aren't my thing, but props to locals making it big.Thanks for the blog.

Anonymous said...

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