Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Face of Jesus

The face of Jesus has appeared in my ceiling!!!

side of jesus
Side of Jesus.

REAL TEARS!!! Dripping from the eyes of Jesus.

collecting the tears of jesus
Collecting the tears of Jesus.

It's like a Robert Gober installation.



Michael said...

Be sure to document the stigmata- that always comes next.

tmmartin said...

!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!

beq said...

Martin, are you sure it's not Solschenizyn?

amieo said...

looks a lot like cabin fever to me.

roberta said...

you are too funny. my fave was collecting the tears.

martin said...

michael - the stigmata is already appearing. my thumb is rotting away and the bottom of my foot is covered with warts. i will show you on friday.

please have a blessed day, all of you.

Susan Constanse said...

Maybe you should move that painting?

martin said...

no. i am waiting for jesus' thumb to appear.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

I wrote a l'il essay on this whole deal:

Jacques de Beaufort said...

try again: