Wednesday, September 20, 2006

some older paintings

I'm scanning some slides of older paintings. This one isn't very old... it's from 2003. The slide isn't the greatest, but I love this painting. My brother and his wife have it now. There is a rainbow in the background... toooo many rainbows and skulls in painting was talked about on PaintersNYC the other day.

Here is a detail of the center of the painting. Tiny tiny cut-paper figure crossing a tiny tiny bridge of thread.

Here is another rainbow one. I don't have any slides of this painting; the people who own it are selling their house, and I went to the open house last week and took this picture. They also have Rosemarie Fiore, Susan Jamison, Bruce Wilhelm.. and others. It was interesting to see their old art and prints with the newer stuff. Definitely thanks to John for creating and guiding local collectors.

No nice slide of that second rainbow painting, but here is a good detail shot of the figure... and here it is with Peter Halley!

Honeycomb is from 1999. This is the one Lois Dodd posed in front of, while it was still in progress, at the Vermont Studio Center. Last time I saw this painting it was hanging in Plum Gallery... I don't own it anymore.

Here is a detail of Honeycomb.

I can't believe I can't find any skulls in any of my paintings! I think these two images from the twenty-piece One Day in the Garden are the only ones... can that be true? Oh! Here is one, kind of, from way back. There must be more.

Rie is the star of all of these... she is the little figure on the bridge, the figure under the rainbow, the face in Honeycomb, the happy attackers in that second One Day image. She is the bees knees!

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beq said...

smiles in the morning

Fiona Ross said...

Martin, these are exquisite. The tiny bridge...hearts. More, please.

Zachary said...

I especially love Honeycomb

fairy butler said...

hi martin. I love that rainbow painting - the one in the house. that whole thread about rainbows and skulls on painternyc the other day makes me confused. must admit that I have little patience for reading much of the thread and that I thought the EB piece sucked but sometimes even a trendy bit can be OK. in my book. I really like the first painting you posted in this thread too. I want one.

martin said...

hi fb - i like rainbows.

oh, i'm just remembering, i used to have a pair of those rainbow suspenders that mork wore.

fb said...

martin, so did i!!! did yours have the little hands for the clasps?

martin said...

i don't remember the clasps, but i had perfectly feathered hair.

also, i had white slacks and a white vest that i wore to school with a glittery shirt, with timberlands.

Anonymous said...

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