Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby
Very happy to see Jack Kirby in the NYTimes on Sunday, and that the Masters of American Comics show has come to NYC; at the Jewish Museum and the Newark Museum (that's a pain, two different places). The Jewish Museum has a concurrent exhibition called Superheroes: Good and Evil in American Comics... Yay!

No Hal Foster or RF Outcalt, included... oh well, can't have everything. Versions of Outcalt's The Yellow Kid have shown up in my stuff... here and more literally here, for example. Kirby inspiration many many times.

Here is an interview with exhibition co-curator Brian Walker.

RELATED: Jack Kirby on anaba - 10/14/2004, 4/5/2005 (Jack Kirby and Grandma Moses should be in the Whitney Biennial), 7/14/2005, 12/13/2005PLUS – the Meatballs of Others exhibition!!!


Dennis Matthews said...

Hey Martin,
here's a link for the upcoming Comic Abstraction show at MoMa, it will be March 4th to June 11. Thought you might want to post it.


martin said...

dennis - that sounded good until i went to the link and read about it. thanks, anyways.

Dennis Matthews said...
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Dennis Matthews said...

that last painting of yours i thought you were really challenging yourself until i put my glasses back on and realized that it was still sand, circles, pink and idiotic shit. and you call me the nutjob, get real

Anonymous said...

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