Monday, December 04, 2006

Aqua Hunger Force!!!

MORE anaba paparazzi!!!

Bruce Wilhelm and Calvin Burton... last night at Ipanema. They will both be represented at Aqua this year, Bruce with LA's Acuna-Hansen and Calvin with NC's Branch.

They look shifty.

AnabaMiami - 03
Will this same amazingly nice to everyone and very hardworking woman be at Aqua again this year? She was great. I liked Aqua best.

Hey, Branch is currently showing Mel Prest, an artist I just saw last week on Chris Ashley's blog, and who Douglas Witmer showed me again on Friday. Mel Prest's BUZZ is building.

Zoe Strauss is with Acuna-Hansen!!! If Zoe and Bruce are both affiliated with Acuna-Hansen, I like Acuna-Hansen.

Adrian Meyer, the short-haired guy sitting on the right, talking about his work with some guy that really liked it. Adrian and Bruce collaborated on most of the paintings in the show, the rest are Adrian's.

You can see pictures of most of the collaborations on Bruce's blog.

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