Friday, December 22, 2006

Mildred Greenberg

This is my Mildred Greenberg piece, the one discussed here. Can you see all the birds in the center? This piece is so good... Mildred was an awesome artist.

I've found a couple of Sam's letters to me. Here are the first two pages of a letter in which he lists all of the artists included, along with Mildred, in the Ann Percy curated When Reason Dreams, at the PMA -

sam greenberg
page 1 - CLiCK HeRE to see it BIGGER.

sam greenberg
page 2 - Mildred is #40.

HERE is the piece that was in the show.

P.S. - FINALLY ... I put some of my stuff on that Artist's Space site, the one I first recommended 11/28/04, and then again on 4/13/2005.

Here is the page of VA artists.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Artists Space link. Very cool if not a little depressing (so many makers of stuff out there). I can't see how how to directly link someone to your work though. All your links and my attempts to bookmark individuals default to the Artists Space main page. Oh well. Beggers can't be choosers.

Say, are you still looking for a day job?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm a dork. I just figured it out. I'll be using their servics soon. After I get my proverbial shit together.

martin said...

yes, i am still looking for a job... i applied to something in philadelphia, but don't expect to hear anything back soon.

Anonymous said...

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