Monday, December 11, 2006

Jason Coates

I visited Jason Coates' studio last week. WOw! I love painter's studios.

These are just studio shots, I have no idea how much of this stuff is considered finished.

Jason Coates
I love the painting, and I also like the mirror with reflection.

Those orange things that look like carrots are not carrots, they're a line-up of oranges. That's so funny, he had a line-up of oranges in one of his paintings the first time I saw his work, in a show at ADA in 2003. His painting has gotten so much better in those three years... there is so much variation and subtle textures in these new paintings. He's done A LOT of experimenting...

some previous posts on Jason's work: 3/23/2005 - ADA show with Bruce Wilhelm and Steven Little, 8/30/2006 - three paintings in a group show, I liked them but a commenter thought they were like the Garbage Pail Kids.