Wednesday, December 06, 2006

some shows in windows

Gallery Axiom! 1991. Who in Philadelphia remembers this place???

This was a very short-lived gallery on Walnut Street, maybe between 13th and Broad. My paintings (Humbertos!) are the ones in the first floor windows. Huston Ripley has a big piece in the second floor window.

I will always remember the guy who ran the space, John Sparacio ( i think that is the spelling), because he was my only sale. He bought one of the smaller pieces I had inside (can't see here), for a hundred dollars, and had it framed. It was the first thing of mine anyone had ever bought and paid to have framed.

I guess he still has it, wherever he is.

Gallery Axiom, Philadelphia
I can see that the piece on the right is painted over a world map... something taken from Wojnarowicz. All of the Humbertos are works-on-paper with grounds of collaged ruled legal pad paper... PRE-Ellen Gallagher!

Gallery Axiom, Philadelphia
That painting of the knight I still have in Hoosick Storage, but I'm not sure about these other three. They may also be rolled up in that storage, or I might have painted over them later on... which was sometimes the case.

Fulton Street Gallery, Troy NY
Fulton Street Gallery, Troy NY.

Had a solo show here, summer 2004. Nice space, and really nice people.... unfortunately, not much traffic AT ALL.

Martin Bromirski
Art of This Century at Haigh Jamgochian's Markel Building, 2006. If you have not seen my photographs of this fantastic building yet, CLICK HERE!


libby said...

Hi, where was that gallery. The window set-up looks like it's in the current location of Gross McCleaf, which has an upstairs window. GMc is at Sansom, maybe 16th or 17th street.

martin said...

Hi Libby, this is not where Gross-McCleaf is, this was on the other side of Broad... I think this was the only time it was used as a gallery.

Anonymous said...

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