Monday, December 18, 2006

best miami

Joanne Mattera - just found this blog. LOTS and LOTS of miami, she covered everything.

Detroit Arts - scroll down, her miami posts start on december 8th. lots of pictures from all the fairs.

Art Fag City - scroll down, her last Miami post was December 13th.

Caryn Coleman - she is showcasing the LA galleries that went to miami.

these are all good... and i'm still proud of all mine from last year. here they are again in reverse chronological order... so start at the bottom -

ABMB: adrift - my LAST miami post, 2005
ABMB: the containers, PLUS
ABMB: Richmonders showing in Miami - fuckers!
ABMB: Basel Glasses - a cool dude!!
ABMB: Art Basel Miami Beach III
ABMB: Basel's Best Dealers - MEET MY DEALERS!!!
ABMB: NADA, Miami, 2005
ABMB: Art Basel Miami Beach II
ABMB: Art Basel Miami Beach I
ABMB: Sarah Lucas at Sadie Coles
ABMB: Scope, Miami, 2005
ABMB: Photos of Recommendation: Thumbs-Up Mandala: George Clinton
ABMB: Aqua, Miami, 2005
ABMB: Basel is Over
ABMB: The Legend of Gursky as told by The Man Who Loves Gursky - HILARIOUS!!!