Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bless the Beasts

ANOTHER good show at Nonesuch... Bless the Beasts. This is maybe the best gallery in town, along with ADA... but this one is a little more relaxed. I think they are/were featured in a recent issue of The Drama.

Scott Eastwood
Scott Eastwood. Scott was in my show. He is just raw natural talent.

Tyler Thomas, in collaboration with Chad Middleton.

They are only asking one hundred dollars for it. It's really good, and it's KITTIES!

Travis Robertson
Travis Robertson. He helps put out The Drama, or did. Sadly, The Drama is no more.

These two pieces are only twenty-five dollars each.

Adam Juresko. They grow on me the more I look at them.

Also pictured is work by Oura Sananikone, Drew Liverman, and Travis Robertson. Drew and Oura were also in my show.

Melissa Roberts, she owns Nonesuch. This was moving in the sunshine.

Also in this show are Jules Buck Jones chimeras, Shawn Creeden drawings, Kate Horne treasures, Lynne Hassell relics, Ryan McLennan... a lot of good artists.

boo and james
Boo and James playing at the opening.

blast from anaba past: Plush Art at Nonesuch, also featuring Boo!