Thursday, July 19, 2007

Joe Overstreet

Joe Overstreet, The Basketweavers, 2003

This Joe Overstreet is in the show at Zwirner... A Point in Space Is a Place for an Argument. So much good stuff in that show. TOO MUCH. I want to go back.

I'm posting this Overstreet now because it is one of my favorites in the show, but also because I just posted the 2007 Harriet Korman below, and they were two of many favorites from High Times, Hard Times, both represented by pieces from 1971. So, here they both are now with excellent work more than thirty years later. Wow.

Joe Overstreet has a website, with lots of images of work from 2003, and an almost fifty year listing of exhibitions; from 1955-2003. How old is he? Maybe he was already almost forty when he made the 1971 piece?

Joe Overstreet
Joe Overstreet, detail of The Basketweavers, 2003 - it's big, painted on a metal screen.

Joe Overstreet, Purple Flight, 1971
Joe Overstreet, Purple Flight, 1971 - this is the piece he had in High Times, Hard Times.


Fiona Ross said...

Martin, I love these - thank you for posting these images and links to Overstreet's work. Stainless steel cloth!!!!!!!! Like music.

Martin said...

i regret that i don't have a person in that top overstreet photo, for scale. it's really big.