Thursday, April 02, 2009

anaba paparazzi

Kelli Williams!

***Art-Stars attend Barnaby Whitfield's opening at Stux Gallery***

Simon Cerigo!... of ArtLoversNewYork!!!

Debra Hampton!

Amanda Browder!

Barnaby Whitfield!


Barnaby said...



again. so good seein' ya there Martin!

Mark said...

When I was in on Wednesday several of the pieces were ready to peel off the wall, more tape!

kelli said...

Great show wasn't it Martin? It's always nice to see you out!

Heart As Arena said...

I just saw this show. Oh, hells yeah. Why are all the good shows at Stux in the back gallery? They should do the George thing. Figure out who's going where and then do the opposite.

Martin said...

yes, excellent show... kelli i always love seeing you.