Monday, June 04, 2007

Abstract Painting: 1960-1969

The Jo Baer essay posted last week, I Am No Longer An Abstract Artist, is part of a larger 10/1983 Art in America feature on the fifteen artists included in a 1983 show of '60's painting, Abstract Painting: 1960-1969, curated by Donald Droll.

I've been recently geeking out on the (mostly abstract, mostly NYC) painting of this period - first with High Times Hard Times New York Paintings 1967–1975... followed by reading Jo Baer's 1967 letter to Artforum, seeing the Roy Colmer show at Mitchell Algus, seeing the Rosalyn Drexler show, meeting Jo Baer, discovering the AMAZING collection at the Empire State Plaza, following the Nicholas Krushenick thread on PaintersNYC last week (first deceased artist featured on PaintersNYC?), and now learning of this Donald Droll-curated show, with the AiA interviews.

Wow, I am a geek. There is probably even more, I'm sure.

Some of the artists who were in this show I've never heard of, or know almost nothing about -

James Bishop
Sally Hazelet Drummond
Marcia Hafif
Will Insley
David Novros - is he the artist that did this piece, in the Empire State Plaza collection?
Doug Ohlson

The other interesting thing about that initial bio page of the artists is that each blurb lists both the artist's date of birth and the date of his/her FIRST solo show... it is a little surprising to see how relatively late some of them had their first solo shows, considering their current reputations. Maybe encouraging to some people reading this?

Here is a listing of ALL of the artists included in the 1983 show Abstract Painting: 1960-1969, followed by each artist's age at the time of his FIRST SOLO SHOW -

Jo Baer - 37
James Bishop - 37
Sally Hazelet Drummond - 31
Marcia Hafif - no date of birth given
Al Held - 24
Ralph Humphrey - 27
Will Insley - 36
Lee Lozano - 36
Robert Mangold - 37
Brice Marden - 28
Agnes Martin - 46
David Novros - 25
Doug Ohlson - 28
Robert Ryman - 37
Tony Smith - no info

Next I will probably research Systemic Painting, the 1966 Guggenheim show.


geek said...

Lawrence Alloway's essay for the Systemic Painting show is reproduced in Gregory Battcock's anthology Minimal Art. Lucy Lippard's anthology of her early criticism, Changing, also has some good reports from the trenches.
James Bishop is great.

Anthony said...

Its true, I cant find any way to bash the Bishop..

martin said...

i will try to go to the library tomorrow and look up some of this stuff, thanks geek.

plus i want to try to see some bishop stuff, maybe in an old art magazine.

ArtinLondon said...

Martin, pls send me your email address as I wanted to cc you in on a message I sent out about today's IHT story on the Madarat Gallery in Baghdad.



martin said...

artinlondon - i don't know how to send you anything, your link has no info.

you can e-mail me at my last name at hotmail.

Anonymous said...

If your interested, there were many artists who were left out of the Hard Times, High Times show that shouldn't have been, most notably Ronnie Landfield, who in response to your post about ages at the time of their first solo show, he was 22,in 1969 at the David Whitney Gallery in NYC. His work was in many of the shows mentioned in the catalog for the show, but unfortunatly there is no mention of him anywhere in the book. A product of the show being curated by folks who werent actually around in New York at the time being studied.

Anonymous said...

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