Saturday, July 14, 2007

happy friday the 13th

Bruce is happy because someone has made sculptures of Mars. Bruce likes Mars.

Bruce Wilhelm
One of Bruce's Mars paintings... maybe from 2005.

UPDATE: it's from 2004, n0t 2005.

Mildred also liked Mars... scroll down here to see Mars the Red Planet.

Sarah is happy because she got a good review in the NYTimes today!!!

Sarah and I had not seen each other in almost four years... and then I ran into her on the street, the same day she gets that review, in the middle of having a conversation about her, and previous freaky Sarah coincidences. Sarah is maybe magic?

UPDATE: she also got a good review in Chelsea Now, written by poet Jeffrey Cyphers Wright; Winkleman excerpts both on his blog.

PLUS: my picture is on bloggy!!! i am staring straight ahead very hard, trying not to look down her dress, and trying not to look too drunk. james has the truer likeness that i will maybe post later.


Barnaby said...

POST IT! You're a rock star.

Anonymous said...



fb said...

yes, sarah IS magic!!

Anonymous said...

Jockum Nordstrom

martin said...

anonymous - jockum nordstrom? i am thinking you are trying to relate either bruce or sarah's work to jockum's?

but, if you are trying to make it sound like some pointed criticism it isn't working.

i'm not even sure who your target is.

Anonymous said...

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