Sunday, September 25, 2005

the Amazing Farter kid

I did a search for ADA Gallery on Technorati and discovered someone's two-post blog, the second post of which is all about the most recent First Friday openings. Not into most of what he says, we have very different takes on the current ADA show, but he also writes about seeing the fartist!

"the Amazing Farter kid … was this kid functioning as a post-modern critic blurring the lines between high and low art, functioning as a cultural producer, and showing his distaste for the traditional avant garde or was he a modernist emphasizing the purity of form, showing us an artist acting as a heroic individual, and offering us an avant garde critique of a culture at large who rewards farting noises with monetary value?"

I've since learned that Roland, the fartist, was around last year too, only I never saw or heard about him. Somebody get his picture next time and send me one!

There is so much good stuff to see just on the street here - Joel Holmberg, Jamie Chiarello, the fartist, the fire throwers and everyone else - I almost don't have enough time to go into the galleries. More street stuff!!! More local artblogs!!!