Monday, September 12, 2005

Charles Ware has died

CharlesWare, originally uploaded by Bromirski.

Anna L. Conti reports that San Francisco artist Charles Ware has died. I love this part pulled from Anna's interview with Charles -

Interviewer - You need some more light in here, Charlie.

Charles Ware - I need a new lease on life. There's no audience for this, now. If you're a ballplayer, you can make zillions. If you're an artist, you can't even pay the goddamn rent.

I excerpted that in my post last March linking to Anna's interview. Ware's daughter Laura Ware left a comment to my post saying her dad "has been doing what he loves his whole life and as he says, 'has nothing to show for it.' But I have always been so proud of him and I think he is truly an amazing artist and person."