Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Josh Rickards and more

Josh Rickards, originally uploaded by Bromirski.
more from ADA in September -
Josh Rickards - Josh is showing two full length blocky portraits of nude bearded men, one is called The Nudist and above is King of the Hippies. The King of the Hippies looks so clean and fresh and content - I can feel the breeze. The Nudist is odder, his body is similar to that of the King but his nose is like a Klingon lobster or a cross between that of a proboscis monkey and a mandrill. I feel his resentment, and understand his need to show his clean nude body. Both paintings are bright and crisp and messy and fresh and drippy and sloppy and clean. Very nice balance.
Josh is also showing similar faces painted on baseball bats - and one on a book - which are too Barry McGee on a bottle for me. I don't get it. What's the point? Why bats and books? The Barry McGees make more sense with their allusions to genies and drunks, these seem pointless. His little paintings in radius250 were more interesting.
Sun Tek Chung - Not so interested in the characters or set-ups but he has a good sense of pattern and color, especially in this one. It helps that in my photo two gallery-goers are blocking the mugging distraction of the character.
Theresa Pfarr - She had a show here in August which I completely missed, but many of the paintings are still up in the back.

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