Thursday, September 22, 2005

birthday greetings

Congratulations to Tyler Green on FOUR YEARS of Modern Art Notes, anyone wondering how he has been able to do it should know - he's insane. Here's his post for 9/12/2001 -

"Has anyone else noticed that artnet.com has been down for most of the last few days? If anyone knows why, please email me. It's one of my favorite art sites. Before artnet went down, its bookstore had evaporated. This was also a pity because it was easily the best art bookstore on the web."

followed by a later update -

"UPDATE: ModernArtNotes asks, we get answers! Posted at artnet.com today: Due to the recent tragedy in New York, we are currently having technical difficulties."

Bummer Update 9/22/2005: Those old Tyler posts originally had a comments option. He's turned it off since I linked to it. UPDATE #2: Now they are back on again! I think it might be a blogger glitch, not Tyler after all.


Tyler said...


I suggest you take a look at the date there, and then think about why communications into lower Manhattan may have been unanswered.

Martin said...

Tyler - Oh my god, you are hilarious. Of course I was aware of the date, I'm pointing out how insane you are to be probably the only person on the planet who gave a shit about artnet on 9/12/2001. The update is killer.

BTW, what happened to Thinking About Art on your blogroll? I usually hit a lot of those blogs through you.

Anonymous said...

Rightfully so, Martin, I have been removed from Tyler's blogroll. It's a devastating blow to TAA's stock price. Losing those 1-2 readers per day who come to my site via that link will force me to consider shutting down my site.

I hope you will consider adding me to your bookmarks so that you may continue to find my site. If you come back to my site my daily readership will reach 10 again... yay for double digits!

Anonymous said...

Were any of the comments anonymous and unfounded? By who's definition of "anonymous" and "unfounded" I'm still not sure. I just hope there weren't anon comments. If there were, he'd have to remove himself from his blogroll. How you do that, I don't know. Would be awkward I'm sure.

Tyler said...

Sorry to burst the bubble of your conspiracy theory, but MAN hasn't had comments in about two-and-a-half years.

Martin said...

Weeeird, I just visited that link again and the comments are back ON. Maybe blogger is just acting weird because those old pages haven't been visited in so long. Everybody should leave a comment while they can.

Tyler - Yes, I can be a paranoid lunatic, but at least I can take what I dish out.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Looks like Tyler and Martin should have a bar fight possibly? What is this about???

Anonymous said...

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