Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Art for You to See

The 1st and 2nd year VCU Sculpture grads have a show up in the first floor gallery of the Broad Street Fine Arts Building. Some favorites -

Miriam Ewers - Miriam has a wall-piece called Swallow the Sun, made up of many little pink/red bulbs made to look like eyes, most lit from within. Bigger bulbs are at the center with smaller eye-bulbs clustered around - the whole thing starting to snake off the wall. It's like an angel, a seraph.

Ross Caudill - Free-standing floor sculpture like some weird instrument, maybe bagpipes, or possibly a monster motorcycle part. Sort of reminds me a little of Liz Craft or a prop from a Tim Burton skeleton movie that has somehow crossed over to our world.

AJ Liberto - Also showing an artifact from another world, maybe that of Harry Potter or Marcel Dzama. This piece is called The Story of the Evil Prying Microscope and features a nonfunctioning cast(?) black microscope with bat wings. Also lots of accompanying information on the microscope - it is a "legendary artifact... guarded zealously by the Spee Cave Dwellers... only a Spee Mage can benefit from the evil magic bonus of this artifact". Lots more info on the microscope's traits, behavior, history, origin, and a usage appendix - is this like a Dungeons and Dragons thing?

Jnel Iglesias - Three simple spiral pieces: a spiral of braided brown hair, a ring of broken eggshells, and a large golden roll of clear tape. Very nice to see so much consideration being shown to materials, shape, palette, relationships. An explorer, a thinker in mediums. No rush necessary, no need to force a conclusion, keep thinking.

Tomorrow is the last day to see this show.


Anonymous said...

pictures please.

Martin said...

I don't have a digital camera, but if one of them wants to send some photos I'll post them (I have no idea if any of them are even aware of this post).