Thursday, September 15, 2005

Paul Brach

I liked the meatball featured on artnet yesterday so I looked up the artist, Paul Brach, and found this quote from a 1971 interview with him -

“I arrived back in New York City in the early 1950's, made the scene at the Cedar Bar and at the Artists' Club. In those years my friends were Mike Goldberg, Joan Mitchell, Larry Rivers, Bob Rauschenberg, etc., etc., etc., the whole second generation of abstract expressionist thing.… The talk was very pure, but everyone wanted to make it…. The abstract expressionist rhetoric was extraordinarily idealistic and had a kind of meta-Marxist flavor that Harold Rosenberg gave it, and a kind of crypto-Marxist flavor that Clem Greenberg gave it. But essentially everyone was out to make it. And it was very, very hard to be deeply, deeply critical about the social world around one in the fifties."

This site has tons of old interviews with artists and art-worlders, sooo many of whom I've never heard of.