Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Carla Knopp

Found another interesting artist in blog world. Carla Knopp (Indianapolis) left a comment on Bill Gusky's (Connecticut) Artblog Comments. I am thankful for the non-anonymous artist commenters.

anaba, 2004, Martin Bromirski
Carla's self-portrait pictured above is a lot like (to me) my sort-of self-portrait. They both feature isolated wistful figures in fantastically rich remote landscapes.

Check out Carla's paintings!

P.S. Bill Gusky has updated his website. Looks good!


carla said...

Thanks for the link! I like your painting very much. The similarities are interesting, and your painting reminds me of interesting ways one can depict space symbolically (and economically) as well as pictorially...and how this translates into broader subjective possibilities.
Thanks again, Carla

hammy said...

I love both of these paintings.

martin said...

hammy!!!! i've missed you!

carla - i looked at all your kid's murals and other stuff also. i did one and want to do more, it was fun. do you get much work?

carla said...

I'm still building clientele, but it is my day job. The ideas and painting methods I use may be better suited for art licensing, and I am looking into this. I love the term 'royalty' :-)

Bill Gusky said...

Carla's work looks to be fascinating stuff, sometimes very subtle, sometimes very off into the ether, kind of a fantasy. Definitely worth the time. Wish I could see them first hand.

Thanks much for the compliment about my site upgrade, Mr. B! It's much appreciated.

fairy butler said...

wow, those carla knopp paintings are great!

Anonymous said...

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