Sunday, March 19, 2006

James Pollard

James Pollard (1792-1867) paintings at the museum.

James Pollard
My favorite part of this painting is impossible to see in this awful cell-phone photo. All three outdoor observation decks of that bigger building are filled to capacity with little round heads. They are all tiny tiny tiny and perfectly round. The roof is all heads.

I can't emphasize enough how MANY there are, how TINY they are, and how ROUND they are.

James Pollard
Pollard did a series of fox-hunt pictures. There are other fox-hunt pictures in this room also, with swarms of beagles and beagle tails, but Pollard's are my favorites.

James Pollard, detail
Nice tree.

How can I get the museum to give me better images? They had a contact page for that once and I e-mailed the person, twice, but never heard anything back at all. Now I can't even find that image request page.


former richmonder said...

Martin, I love these paintings too. I love that freakish area in the museum with the horse portraits and animal sculptures. Is it too much to say that it the best collection in the museum? And that beautiful Rouseau. Love that. the contemporary/modern section seems bad, but never the animal wing. It made me happy.

Anonymous said...

M, The department in charge of releasing images for VMFA is Photographic Resources. The person to speak to is Howell Perkins. hperkins@vmfa.museum He can be difficult. If you have more problems contact Mellon Curator Mitchell Merling.

Colin said...

I have a wonderful pair of Pollard paintings that were sold at Christies in New York on 4th June 1982 (lot number 77). They show King George III hunting in Windsor Forrest and returning to Windsor Castle. They were originally in the collection of Harry T Peters jnr. I am trying to trace their history since 1982 in the USA. Any ideas of how I can go about this?

Colin Slinn

Anonymous said...

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