Monday, May 21, 2007

Robert Motherwell, Alison Fox

Robert Motherwell - this is one of the paintings in the Albany concourse I talked about last week.

Alison Fox
Alison Fox - I wonder if Alison ever saw the Motherwell.... she went to school in nearby Saratoga, so it's possible.

I like both these paintings.


vc said...

They're like bookends. The Fox is melancholic and retrospective, the Motherwell is similarly sad and desparate, but in a more forward-looking way, or perhaps a pompous and grandiose way. With Motherwell, I get the sense of him trying to make Matisse less assured and masterful. I find it encouraging to remember that Barnett Newman said that in the 1930s, there was the feeling that painting was dead.
It's also interesting to note that in terms of "History," that is, Pollock to Stella to Minimalism to Conceptualism, Motherwell is not "important," and now it is increasingly clear that "history" and "importance" are not important.

martin said...

they are like bookends...

i was going to post a de kooning and a louise fishman with these, they all have what is like a little sailboat shape, but when i saw them all up together i realized it would be nicer just to see the motherwell with the fox.

the motherwell piece is actually more of a flag, according to the text accompanying the piece. it was about a war.

Anonymous said...

Alison Fox is fool's gold.

-Kunty Bush

vc said...

We take what we can get and get what we deserve. I think this Fox is much better than any of the ones Martin links to.

martin said...

the ones linked to on the atm site i think are from her show that just opened this past weekend. if you are in nyc in the next few weeks you can see them at atm... with this new work she has started making frames for the paintings.

the one pictured in the post is one of the paintings she had included in a group show at sikkema in 2006.

here are a couple more of her paintings from that show -


ps - she had never seen the motherwell.

Anonymous said...

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