Saturday, September 03, 2005

the fartist

Leaving the art6 opening last night I heard farting noises and turned back to see a little boy with a weird hairstyle and his hand up his armpit flapping in the dark like a madman. At his feet were a piece of cardboard advertising "the fartist" and a plastic cup. It was hilarious.

I stopped and watched him and he never stopped farting, even when I asked his name. He said his name was Roland. He had to have been about eight or nine.

Did you see the fartist?


Anonymous said...

He was outside Corporate Art & Frame when I spotted him, early in the evening, flapping about as only a Fartist could. I immediately thought that his parents or perhaps an older brother had put him up to it, but alas, the talent was far too great. Shortly after spotting him, he had inserted a meager straw into his armpit and began blowing a horrendously foul racket, stirring the air and imagination with quite a bit of a stench. Not long after he ran out of breath and resumed squeezing his hand underneath his arm in a rather rampant and impassioned motion that only the truest of Fartists could sustain. Genius, pure genius.

fairy butler said...

can I hire the fartist? I think he would be a welcome addition some art openings I am sure attend in the coming months. I will radio him on walkie talkie directing him to this gallery and that.

Martin said...

fairy butler - the fartist is a street urchin, not sure if he is available as a rental. maybe you can get this guy -


- he too can be walkie-talkied to this gallery and that.

Does anybody have a picture of the fartist? PLEASE send one to me so I can post it.

Anonymous said...

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