Friday, March 25, 2005

Eva & Adele

A number of other artbloggers have posted about seeing Eva & Adele at some of the NY art fairs last week, so I thought I would share my photo taken with them at the 6th Nippon International Contemporary Art Festival (Tokyo NiCAF) back in 1999.

The fair was boring, meeting Eva & Adele was one of the highlights. I'd heard of them previously but was surprised to find them at this small fair. I asked if I could have my photo taken with them and they were so happy! After the photo was taken I was given a card asking to send a copy to their German address. They were so warm and friendly, gave off such good vibes. I love them.

The other highlight of this fair was seeing some of this work by Siobhan Hapaska. She had a big room of work - some kind of "artist spotlight".

My bag is Masaki Matsushima.


Anonymous said...

Martin you look like a nice person. Cute.

Kai said...

First photo in a post? How's the new Canon? Those pictures in you new post look really good, those with the new cam? I just got the Canon SD870- small, awesome, wide, zooms in video mode.

Martin said...

is this the first? maybe yes.

you got one of teh cameras i was considering.. you got camera d., i got camera b. -


Anonymous said...

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