Saturday, April 14, 2007

Andreas Hofer

Andreas Hofer at Metro Pictures - this was the first show, and I think maybe only show, at which I walked in and said "weeeird"... which for me is a good thing. This room had all of these small paintings hanging on trees... and there was also a big wooden cabinet on the right with huge bat wings.

Andreas Hofer
They are signed Andy Hope... not the artist's name. I'm not sure why.

(i actually did that for a short while, signed my "paintings" Wygarbowac.... that was Garbo's real name... i was partly thinking about transformation, hiding, lying, positive spin, celebrity, being delusional... not that i do that anymore. ha ha.)

Lots of superhero/teutonic stuff... maybe it even hits you over the head with it all a little too much. Good paintings, but there isn't really much to wonder about afterwards.... although I guess it is hard to be subtle and reference the Guardians of the Universe, and facism.

Maybe if I didn't know so much about comic books these would have had a little more mystery.

Update: I enjoyed this show, but the first impression is wearing off, and I'm not left with enough.

Jack Kirby Power Activate!!! - if you go, make sure you see the second floor.

ahhh... that bird symbol makes me think of my Hell Camp days...
jigoku no kunren!!!
sweet memories...


Hans said...

I really liked Andreas Hofers works ad the installation. We had a German Expressionist Karl Hofer

Best regards, Hans

martin said...

hans, did you get my package yet? i guess not. it should come soon.

Anonymous said...

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