Tuesday, April 24, 2007

gamma tech

Kai recommended Gamma Tech earlier this year, because I wanted to know a good company that makes slides from digital images.

Finally placed an on-line order to have slides made from uploaded digital images late Tuesday evening... and they arrived Thursday morning (I used the Fed Ex saver mailing option, which stated a 2-3 day delivery).


thanks, Kai.


Marketa Klicova said...

I agree to the 9's.

Used them for slides from digital, and they came out looking very, very smart.

Check the "how do we do this?" part of their website- it's pretty wild.

Barnaby said...

Hey Martin..so I just went to Corny's blog to see if you had done any entertaining drunk posting in 'your' section..which then led me to your Winklem'n spat! that was good stuff! I think I'll have to link it in a post!

anne said...

Gamma tech is great - the one time I ever had a problem with a slide, the sent me a replacement by next day air for free. Highly recommended!

martin said...

b. - ooh, high tension! yes, make a post or link or something..

but, be careful. he might be mad and get paranoid about you.. maybe make you his default bogeyman.

i can't believe he's spent almost six months assuming i was that other person... that's a little aggravating.

don't tell anyone about my secret corny spot!

Kai said...

The only problem with Gammatech---
they use the plastic slide mounts with the little "plug" holes. It makes it hard to write directly on the slide mount. US Color on Broome uses the nice paper mounts, but charge like they were platinum.

Barnaby said...

wow..what do you guys use slides for?

martin said...

BARNABY!! We use slides to collect rejections, silly!!

Anonymous said...

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