Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Richmond Recap II

Richmond Recap the Second, links to all the local artists and exhibitions I've talked about in the past six months. I'm only listing the local stuff, not visits to shows elsewhere or all the links to local artists showing out of town. Richmond Recap the First, covering October 2004 through April 2005, is here.

Gabriel Bennet
John Henry Blatter
Ross Caudill
Tom Chenoweth
, here and here
Jamie Chiarello
Jon Clary
Vittorio Colaizzi
Peter Corrie
, here and here
Derek Cote
James Davis, here and here
Andrew Deutsch
Miriam Ewers
the Fartist
, here and here
Matt Gamble
Paul Goode
Katharina Grosse
Eric Hall
Jeannine Harkleroad, here and here
Tom Harte
Joel Holmberg
Ed Holten
Kate Hudnall
Jnel Iglesias
Ron Johnson
, here and here
Jules Jones
Sheep Jones
Mike Keeling
Nicholas Kuszyk
Michael Lease
Jonathan Lee
Sidney and Frances Lewis
AJ Liberto

Amy Lincoln
Jeffrey Loy
Timothy Michael Martin
MEATBALLS AT STUFFY'S, here, with BONUS photos here and here
Monica Palma Narvaez, here and here
Robert Rainey
Josh Rickards, here and here
Paul Ryan, here and here
Oura Sananikone
Todd Scalise
Michael Seal
Mike Taylor
Stephen Vitiello
Ella Watson
Angela Willcocks
Terry Wolfe

Radius250 - here and here
Relativity - here, here and here
Sculpture Invitational - here, here, here, and here
VCU MFA Thesis Shows: Round One - here and here, Round Two here

Daniel Buren lecture - here and here - plus BONUS!
Katharina Grosse lecture - here, here, here, and here
James Hyde lecture - here and here
Shirley Kaneda lecture - here, here, and here
Steve Mumford lecture - here
Ingrid Schaffner lecture - here and here


Anonymous said...

Where's the fabulous Fiona Ross in this roundup? She was in Part one for her appearance in New American Paintings. But now she's at the Lora Robins Gallery, University of Richmond, AND a show opening tomorrow night at Rentz (with Ted Larsen).

Martin said...

Elizabeth -YES! The not so obvious pattern here is that all of these shows are within walking/biking distance of my home.

I need to figure out how to get to U of R by bike! All the shows look good. Ditto Flippo.

Anonymous said...

c'mon martin,
what about me ME!!!!, just kidding put my website up on your blogroll, i promise i'll start writing about art more.

Anonymous said...

Martin, thanks for showing me your pattern -- I hadn't figured that out. But I will naggingly add that there's a bus - #16 that stops at UR and goes through the Fan and into downtown. It's a lovely ride. :) E.

Anonymous said...

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