Monday, April 30, 2007

The Heroes Show

I'm included in a big show called The Heroes Show, in Olympia WA, organized by Laura Sharp Wilson. The show opens May 5 at Bryce's Barber Shop and across the street at room 30, with an opening reception Saturday May 5, 6-8pm.

Some of the artists have been on anaba -

Judith Baumann - on anaba
Joy Garnett - on anaba
Josh Rickards - ADA show on anaba, radius25o show on anaba... really liked those naked hippy paintings.
Michael Lease - Chop Suey show on anaba here, Visual Arts Center of Richmond show on anaba here, Art Basel: Stuffy's show on anaba here, graduate thesis show on anaba here ... plus a maybe.
Allyson Mellberg Taylor - Nonesuch show on anaba..
Jeremy Taylor - Nonesuch show on anaba...

Some of the other artists whose names/work I'm familiar with -

Joanne Greenbaum - AWESOME painter... here's an interview with Mary Heilman.
Jenny Laden - I think she's shown at ADA...
Lump Lipschitz (Bill Thelen) - this is a Lump Gallery guy... there are a few Lump people in this show.
Laura Sharpe Wilson - the organizer of the show.

All the artists in the show (I think) -

Josh Abelow, Becca Albee, Nicole Awai, Leah Bailis, Amanda Barr, Judith Bauman, Charles Parker Boggs, Martin Bromirski,Tammy Rae Carl and Wendy Chien, Koren Christofides, Jerstin Crosby, Kimya Dawson, Julia Elsas, Paul Evans, David French, Pete Froslie, Joy Garnett, Beth Grabowski, Joanne Greenbaum, Eleanor Grosch, Harrison Haynes, Adrianne Herman, Hope Hilton, Andrew Johnson, Fay Jones, Jenny Laden, Michael Lease, Jane Marsching, Marisa Ann Martino, Hong Ngo, Paul Nudd, Ashley Oates, Beth Piver, Brian Reeves, Josh Rickards, Amie Robinson, Lisa Sheirer, elin o'hara slavick, Susanne Slavick, Carl Smith, Allyson Mellberg Taylor, Jeremy Taylor, Bill Thelen aka Lump Lipschitz, Paul Valadez, Silvia Velez, Stacey Lynn Waddell, Jeffrey Waites, Laura Sharp Wilson, Tory Wright

Bryce's Barber Shop is at 118 E. 4th Ave, downtown Olympia. Show closes June 2. Artists, or anybody, please send me some photos to post if you are able to go.


Michael said...

Wish I could be there.

martin said...

we can get pictures from judy, right?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this.

Here's a link to the postcard for the show:

and here's a link to the piece I'd put into the Heroes show: http://www.slopart.com/kucinich.html


roberta said...

Martin, you are our hero! thanks so much!! xoxo roberta, for roberta and libby

Anonymous said...

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