Monday, April 26, 2010

Material World

Alyson Shotz

Material World, curated by Susan Cross, at MASS MoCA.

Alyson Shotz

Alyson Shotz

She was wearing a cool shirt covered with pearly iridescent animal and butterfly(?) shapes.. it matched her piece... but she wouldn't let me take a picture.

Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen Nguyen, with Art!

Caitlin Bermingham, Alyssa Wright, Stephen Nguyen, Tom Kotik.

gold cap and stars.

striped siren
striped siren.

Jason Wilcox... artist and MASS MoCA art installer.

Orly Genger

A lot of people were talking on the other side of that wall and it created some weird muffled acoustics on this side. Fun and mysterious.

Orly Genger


Orly Genger

Tobias Putrih... stationary spotlight on monfilament... somehow a constellation of dots forms an arch... and as you move around looks like a projected flickering image shifting in space. Totally cinematic. I like the view of it from Orly's piece a couple pictures above... like you are looking into a movie theatre.

Tobias Putrih

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

shows to see

Wendy White, at Leo Koenig, OPENS April 23, 6-8pm, through May 22.
Meridith Pingree, in Who's Afraid of Ornament?, at NURTUREart, OPENS April 23, through May 29.
Charline Von Heyl, at Friedrich Petzel, through May 1!!!
Amy Sillman, at Sikkema Jenkins, through May 15.
Katharine Bernhardt, at Canada, through May 23.
Liz-n-Val, Selections from 3 Decades, at Gallery onetwentyeight, OPENS May 5, 6-8pm, through May 31.
Ken Weathersby, at Pierogi, May 28-June 27.
Lance Rautzhan, at Sacred Gallery, June 10 - June 28.

time to go
time to go.

Friday, April 16, 2010



Cro-Mirski: in Nega-View

at John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY

through April 25th

click on any of these images to see them larger

but then you need to click again

to get it in focus

i think

here is my studio



Cro-Mirski Smash.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i got not mentioned again

hey i got not mentioned by JS in NYMag... again.

It's in the new Marlene Dumas review where he says - "I’ve been accused of being part of a "circle jerk" anti-Dumas cabal. A 2008 New York Times Magazine profile included a quote that called disapproving male critics (including me) part of “a sexist conspiracy.”". The circle-jerk mention is me from this post from five(!) years ago.

The other unnamed person he quoted above - from the NYTimes profile - is Nicole Eisenmann, who coincidentally is the person who comments as Corny after the old 'circle-jerk' post. I don't think I'm betraying any confidence saying that.. there was an article mentioning her blog at some point later.

Actually, I was quoted but not named in that NYTimes profile as well. Kind of cool(?), this stealth bibliography? This is like the third time I've been in NYMag but not. My previous unmention by JS in NYMag is here.

I'm glad he finally wrote a review of this artist he has been trashing for seventeen years. Too bad he couldn't do it without portraying himself as a victim. I looked at his Facebook thread on this review and it is beyond ironic that it goes on for 250 comments mostly hostile toward Dumas and then they suddenly switch to honoring JS for his ability to put up with on-line criticism.

Well anyways congrats to both me and JS because I gave him shit about not reviewing the Dumas show at MoMA (which got me 'defriended') and also for getting beat with two dead women by Schjeldahl haha and now he has finally written a Dumas review and has already reviewed two live women this year wow!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

whitney galleries

no way really? i love that building and those spaces!

"Its 1966 Marcel Breuer building has all the disadvantages of starchitecture and few if any of the rewards.
it stands out as relentlessly unforgiving to works of all styles and periods. If the stone floor doesn’t kill, the oppressive overhead concrete structure almost undoubtedly will.
The Whitney doesn’t just need more gallery space, it also needs great or even just good gallery space."

do people not like the Whitney galleries?

and she says that The New Museum is "oppressive in their lack of windows"... she must really hate the Canada space with it's awesome stone floor and no windows.

at the convent

There is what looks like another interesting show opening at that convent, on Thursday. Artists include Ethan Greenbaum, Deniz Ozuygur, Mike Smith, many more. Oh man this piece called Stuck on Deniz' website is hilarious... loved her hi-five machine last year.

The last show included Inna Babaeva, Kai Vierstra, Meridith Pingree, Tom Brauer, Mike Hein, Saira McLaren. Paddy posted some thoughts and photos from the opening.

Is this the second show there? Is it by the same people? The information for the two shows is on two different websites.

St. Cecilia’s Convent, 21 Monitor St, Brooklyn. L train to Graham.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Joe Overstreet

paint and collage on a nearly sheer screen mesh.

- posted on his work in High Times, Hard Times, at the Weatherspoon... next in A Point in Space is a Place for an Argument, at David Zwirner... most recently on his work included in the show of Abstract Masters at Anita Shapolsky (that show is still open and doesn't close until April 24th)... and now here is his studio!

soaring studio space

these are beautiful. painted and almost entirely covered with fabric collaged over something sheer.

Here is a detail of the screen piece at Anita Shapolsy... click on it it's gorgeous.

Joe Overstreet... wait what is that he is holding??? he took a second card for his studio to maybe get some ideas from. he said you should take whatever ideas you want from whoever. he credited Frank Stella with helping him to get off the canvas... i'm paraphrasing.


Joe Overstreet
texture and patterns


table of treasures. stuff from all over.

egyptian pyramid construction. he's really into simple construction methods and processes. he talked about egyptian pyramids and indian burial mounds (he's part choctaw). his dad was in construction and would use ropes in pouring concrete.

Joe Overstreet

UPDATE: Lori Ellison on her visit with Joe Overstreet.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Yura Adams and Beth Gilfilen... whoah check out Beth's new paintings... and she just got into the Marie Walsh Sharpe studio space program (happysad because i didn't, again!).


Peter Acheson - great to talk to him.

Christine Heller

Katherine Bradford - need to post a better photo of this painting for sure. Katherine thank you so much for coming up from NYC. wow.

UPDATE: a better photo of the painting. click on it to see it bigger. and i forgot to mention that katherine has work in a show right now at edward thorp.

Roberto Juarez - funny when Peter and Roberto met... Peter said he moved Roberto's painting's like twenty years ago (for Robert Miller Gallery i think).

Deirdre Swords and a Katherine Bradford painting!

Nick Morgan - if anyone knows a website that i can link to let me know.

Brenda Goodman. CHECK OUT Brenda's new work on her blog... can't wait to see her John Davis show in July. Brenda and I saw Lauren Luloff's show at Sunday together... Lauren has started a blog for her new work also.