Wednesday, April 29, 2009


just read about this fun show on artloversnewyork... it closes may 2nd.

i loved these harvey comics when i was very young - sad sack, little dot, richie rich, jackie jokers.

plus - artloversnewyork has some nice studio visits. i should have done more of that when i was in the city for the winter.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Allan D'Arcangelo

White Highway, 1964

Allan D'Arcangelo, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, through May 2nd.

UPDATE 5/1/09: "The paintings don’t deliver pictorial satisfaction" - Roberta Smith, NYTimes.

They do for me.

Allan D'Arcangelo
Untitled, 1967

Proposition #20, 1966

Allan D'Arcangelo
Mr. and Mrs. Moby Dick, 1974

Can Our National Bird Survive?, 1962

Allan D'Arcangelo at Empire State Plaza (Albany NY), on anaba 5/14/2007.
Allan D'Arcangelo at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (RVA!), on anaba 11/1/06.

Martha Friedman

Martha Friedman, The Organization of Batter, at Wallspace, through May 16th.

Martha Friedman

Martha Friedman
Martha Friedman at Wallspace, through May 16th.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vittorio Colaizzi

far out plus

upcoming must-attend art events.... these are important -

Apartment Show - Far Out, April 26 7-10pm, 245 Varet Sreet (in Bushwick), Third Floor. Featuring Nolan Simon, Elizabeth Deasy, Christina Leung, Patrick Brennan, Alicia Gibson. ONE NIGHT ONLY!

See photos from Apartment Show XOXO.

HKJB - Personal Abstraction, May 1st 6pm-?, 253 36th St #406 (b/t 2nd & 3rd Avenue), Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Featuring Judith Braun, Chong Chu, Michael Dopp, Jay Henderson, Elizabeth Hirsch, Shawn Kuruneru, Benjamin King, Osamu Kobayashi, Denise Kupfershmidt, Jim Lee, Chris Martin, Craig Olson, Stephen Westfall, Wendy White. ONE WEEKEND ONLY! (i think.. not certain how long it is up... i think only for the weekend).

Daily Operation - Central & Remote, May 9th 6-9pm, 45 23rd St, 4F Room 11, LIC. Curated by Jon Lutz and including Inna Babaeva, Tim Clifford, Jesse Farber, Rachel Hayes, Mike Hein, Jasmine Justice, Donna Levinstone, Liz-N-Val, Carrie Pollack, Lance Rutledge. ONE NIGHT ONLY!


106 Green - new artist-run project space... first show opens mid-May, curated by Mitchell Wright and Ridley Howard... more info soon.

Panel Discussion with Beth Venn, Peter Nesbett (Triple Candie), Shelly Bancroft (Triple Candie), Matthew Deleget (Minus Space), James Kalm (Kalm Report) ... moderated by Gae Savannah... at Rupert Ravens Contemporary, SATURDAY APRIL 25 1pm.

Yarn Theory at PS122, curated by Martha Lewis, opens April 25th, 5-7pm. Martha had those great pieces at Geoffrey Young last summer.
Yarn Theory
i sneak peeked a guerilla knitter.

Hans Heiner Buhr in Georgia Today (Georgia the COUNTRY!)
Daniel Heidkamp in Boston Globe.

Amanda Browder's Cyclone at 303 Grand, with an opening reception May 1st.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lauren Luloff

Lauren Luloff, at Sunday LES.

Saw these before the show had opened - they were still installing - although I think it was mostly(?) done except for the lights. That reversed piece at right above is a Keltie Ferris from a previous show... I'm pretty sure it has been replaced with something by Lauren.

The gallery was filled with large pieces all squeezed together, some hanging and some sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall (maybe it totally changed by the time the show opened)... it felt like an environment, not a formal gallery space. Her 2007 show at Sideshow was a two-person exhibition and Lauren's work was alternated throughout the space with that of the other artist; it felt too regimented for the work. I actually said about that show "it sort of makes me long for a little bit more installation chaos... or maybe just a closer hanging of her stuff". I hope this stuff didn't get too much more "installed" for the show... I liked it all over the place and packed together. I'll try to get back and see the actual show before it closes.

Lauren Luloff

Lauren Luloff

Inspector Goodman.

Lauren Luloff
The back... first thing you see when you enter the gallery.

Lauren has recently studied under Amy Sillman... I was talking to someone at Sillman's Tang opening - probably Lauren - about this Amy Sillman painting and how it was sort of like a representation of a piece Lauren might make, with painted fabric stretched over a structure.


PLUS: Lauren Luloff on anaba 4/20/07... I loved this stuff. Lauren Luloff on anaba 11/8/06 - photos of work from a show at Cinders and from her myspace.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kathy Grayson

Kathy Grayson, in Virtual Insanity, at Cinders... closes April 19th.

She makes them from self-portraits taken at the computer... using different effects and backgrounds (I think).

Kathy Grayson
The pixelation does some of the same stuff that is happening in a few of the new Dana Schutz paintings...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


- Richard Prince and Gagosian respond to the copyright lawsuit by Patrick Cariou. Cariou is the photographer who spent ten+ years taking all the photos that Prince appropriated for his last show.

Eric Doeringer comments that the Gagosian/Prince response "is ironic, as Gagosian's lawyers came after me for reproducing elements of John Currin's paintings in my artwork, where they were also used, 'to create a new and unique work which comments upon certain aspects of culture'."

Kind of like when Louis Vuitton - having recently collaborated with Richard Prince - sued artist Nadia Plessner, writing "as an artist yourself, we hope that you recognize the need to respect other artists' rights and Louis Vuitton's Intellectual Property rights...". That was rich.

I would like to see side-by-side copies of Cariou's letter to Gagosian with Gagosian's letter to Doeringer, for laughs.

- Stephen Haller remembers Morandi, for Joanne Mattera... READ IT!

- New Museum show reviews are saying some nice things about Kerstin Bratsch and Jakub Julian Ziolkowski....

Ziolowski on anaba 6/2007: Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, in Three for Society, at 303 Gallery, through July 27th - something creepy, like a leather mask or something...both his paintings are cartoony but creepy like that. I like the way he lets these tiny controlled drips happen, and then works them into the composition... for example, in the piece above you can maybe see that little drip of blue in the shoulder, and in this piece you can see the oily ass-crack sweat. There is so much tension in that drip of blue in the shoulder.

... and I saw another good one at 2008's Armory Show, with Hauser and Wirth.

Kerstin Bratsch on anaba 11/2005: There was a very 2D, washy, black-and-white warped canvas Russian folk-art lady painting below another black-and-white, smaller and more abstract. Good small one of a more thickly painted grey horse split down the middle by the ground, like it was impaled or perhaps a carousel horse. A good sailboat painting. All interesting.

- Global Warming Your Cold Heart has a great list of young artists circa 1968.
- which reminds me that I have an interesting artist/age list also (scroll down).

- Can't remember where I recently saw a nice feature on Beth Rudin DeWoody's home and collection... was it in a home design magazine? an art magazine? on the internet? Someone remind me please, I want to go back to it. It was something from this year.

- What is Bob Nickas' contact info? I need to get in touch but don't know how.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Josh Blackwell

Josh Blackwell, at Rachel Uffner Gallery.


Jennifer Cohen at Rachel Uffner. Roger White at Rachel Uffner. Amy Yao at Rachel Uffner... nice gallery.

Mary Heilmann came in as I was leaving...

The radiator. I liked, earlier in the winter, how Amy Yao's raindrop piece was over that radiator while it hissed and popped and made all sort of watery sounds; it seemed like an intentional part of the installation.

Hey, if you click the Rachel Uffner label below you might conclude that she is looking for a good artist who does something with hats.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Brenda Goodman

Brenda Goodman - NEW PAINTINGS!!!

This is the smallest of those pictured above... click on it to see it much better, lots of great textures and tiny specks of color.

Like an open book... a music book... notes playing on a court.

Pookie has blue eyes.

Brenda Goodman
Pookie plops down.

Love these paintings. Grateful to John Davis for giving us concurrent shows last year and introducing us... John knew I was a fan.

Brenda Goodman in the studio.

RELATED: David Brody interview with Brenda Goodman on Artcritical.com, Carla Knopp post on Brenda, with some good comments.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

anaba paparazzi

Kelli Williams!

***Art-Stars attend Barnaby Whitfield's opening at Stux Gallery***

Simon Cerigo!... of ArtLoversNewYork!!!

Debra Hampton!

Amanda Browder!

Barnaby Whitfield!

at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery

Linda Francis, Neutron Star, 2008, Oil on Wood.

Nice show of four paintings at Janet Kurnatowski, through April 26th... the artists are Linda Francis, Don Voisine, Joan Waltemath, and Michael Zahn.

corner of Michael Zahn's Modern Times, 2009.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Abstractions and Contractions

Benjamin S. Jones background, Lisha Bai foreground.

Abstractions and Contractions, curated by Eun Young Choi, at Lumenhouse.... CLOSED March 29th.

Benjamin S. Jones
Benjamin S. Jones

Ethan Greenbaum
Ethan Greenbaum - happy to see these because this is the first time I have come across his work since first seeing it at Buia almost four years ago.

from anaba 11/14/05: "Ethan Greenbaum at Buia - Very much liked. My favorites were the most abstract, more sculptural ones like Person, Window, and Landscape. I think they are painted on sculpted and cobbled together pieces of foam or something. Person is a tall mustard-colored construction; part stop-sign, part hangman gallows."

Ethan Greenbaum, at Lumenhouse, detail.

Ethan Greenbaum, at Lumenhouse, detail.

Sandra Eula Lee.

Ivin Ballen. Ivan Ballen at Pulse.